IRCTC Tatkal Hours

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the type of secondary branches of the Indian Railways which manages the tourism, catering as well as online ticketing. The headquarter office of IRCTC is situated in New Delhi, NCT, India. IRCTC mostly performs the operations of railways and also has capacity to serves all over the India. Online Ticketing, tourism and Tatkal booking were the top services that IRCTC has been provided. IRCTC has successfully won many Awards as well as made huge achievements like Ministry of tourism, Govt. of India has awarded IRCTC as National Tourism Award of Excellence, and Department of IT has awarded IRCTC as National Award for E-Governance in 2007 and 2008. IRCTC has made the records of 572,000 tickets booked per day on 2nd September 2013 and 580,000 tickets booked per day on 19th march 2014.

irctc tatkal hours

Tatkal booking was one of the services provided by IRCTC which has been launched by Nitish Kumar who was the Railway Minister of India. The tatkal booking was the one of the scheme of Indian Railway for journey in a short period of time or notice and is needed to be booked only during the IRCTC Tatkal Hours. On 1st October 2014 the new booking system has been launched named Premium tatkal. Some of trains have been set highly flexible cost for half of their available tickets and such tickets are purchased only through internet or via online by passengers.

Some of features of IRCTC Tatkal Scheme and IRCTC Tatkal Hours

  • Tatkal tickets can be purchased or booked via online or could be booked in the counter of railway.
  • However IRCTC Tatkal Hours will be started to book one day of the journey like if journey of any passenger is on 3rd then he/she can book tickets on 2nd since 10 am onwards. Unlike on the basis of chart preparation day, the journey will be defined.
  • In order book tatkal ticket the passenger must provide their real identity in railway booking counter such as PAN card, password, License of driving etc.
  • Tatkal train has not been defined separately and wait-listed passengers are given the un-utilized tickets of tatkal. There will not be any refund provided if confirmed tatkal has been cancelled while wait-listed tickets are provided refunds if cancelled.
  • The average use of the tatkal lodging during April- September has been 80% and more in those trains as well as classes.


IRCTC is one of the subsidiary of Indian Railway. Since the headquarter of Indian Railway catering and tourism Corporation is located at New delhi, NCT, India. IRCTC has been able to serve the best service all over India. IRCTC has been serving domestic peoples of India as well as international passengers who comes to visit India. in main target is to provide or serve best catering, tourism as well as online tickets booking. Online ticketing , tourism (domestic as well as internationals) and Talkal tickets booking scheme were the hot and top facilities that has been successfully provided by IRCTC. More than 571,900 tickets are booked in a single day. Indian government has awarded many awards to IRCTC.

air irctc

IRCTC has been providing the facilities of airlines or flight tickets which has been becoming the most popular over India.  Whenever you have been book any of the IRCTC tour packages, it includes flight , hotels and , tourists train and so on. Air IRCTC has been providing more offers for those passengers who has been travelling over flights or booked flights tickets through In oder to book tickets via online, the user must have login into the IRCTC. To get more detailed information on Tour packages, Flight, Hotels and lounge , trains, catering and more, you can get to You can choose the trip type like round trip or one way while booking. During booking you will also get the information such as where and what time flights take over and where is your destination and when is your departure time.

If you have came over any problems and you want to cancel your trip and cancel your air ticket which has already been booked form Air IRCTC. Then it is also very simple, you just have to login into the site and open your history of booking menu and then enter PNR  and then you can cancel your tickets.

Some helplines number of Air IRCTC

  • +91-11-23340963 , 1800110139 and +91-114666640 ( IRCTC Head Office)
  • 1800 110 139 Toll free Number ( Flight Customer Care IRCTC)

IRCTC E Ticketing Service

Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Corporation handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing services of the railways and known as the subsidiary of the Indian Railways. It is popular for its services which includes online ticketing, tourism, and tatkal booking. Its headquarter is in New Delhi,NCT,India. IRCTC has made many records as it is a biggest e-commerce portal in India. In a day nearly 572,000 tickets were booked on September 2, 2013 and on 19 March 2014, in a day nearly 580,000 tickets were booked.

IRCTC E Ticketing Service

In India the Indian Railway Catering And Tourism Cooperation is known for changing the face of the Indian Railways. The tickets can be booked through online services as well as from mobile phones via GPRS or SMS. The Indian Railways or IRCTC also offers I-tickets which are like a regular tickets as they are booked online and are deliver by post.

The IRCTC has launched a scheme known as Rolling Deposit Scheme (RDS) which is a hassle-free irctc e ticketing service or scheme and allows the passengers to reserve the seats against the advance money kept with the corporation. It has also launch a loyalty program known as Shubh Yatra for the regular travelers/passengers and they are offered with a discounts on all the tickets booked round the coming year through paying an upfront annual fee. On June 13 ,2014 IRCTC Online Booking has been transformed to the Next Generation e-Ticketing website which includes various good features.

The other services provided by IRCTC is tourism which includes the deluxe and budget packages tours for domestic and as well as foreign tourists. IRCTC Tatkal booking is also one of the popular scheme of IRCTC. Under this service, the passengers can directly book their tickets who plan their journey at short notice in almost all Mail/Express trains through the Indian railways internet portal.

You can book your tickets through irctc e ticketing service online and for this you must visit its website (…/book…). Through this website you can also check the ticket reservation status also which includes train schedules, available tickets, and many other related information.


Indian Railway Catering and Tousirm Corparation (IRCTC)  is one of the most popular corporation organized by Indian railway. IRCTC generally provides the services like catering ,online ticketing , tourism . Almost all the facilities like hotel rooms , mobiles apps , Timing of flights for the passengers are available in IRCTC. The headquarters of IRCTC is located in New Delhi, NCT, India. IRCTC serves the customers all over the India. Only order to book travelling tickets , rooms ,the must leave their information required by them and payments can be done via banking cards.


Online ticketing in IRCTC

While travelling the tickets booked via internet in any particular website or mobiles apps provied from company is way of booking online travelling tickets. IRCTC has developed a Scheme  known as Rolling Deposit Scheme (RDS) which makes people easier to book their tickets as well as  hotels Room facilities , etc . since june 2014 , IRCTC has the old version has been updated which added a good features of fast booking, Save favorite journey etc .

Tourism in IRCTC

For Internationals as well as domestics tourists the budgeting system has been managed affortably by IRCTC. They has been provided  a Luxury  facilities fot the tourists like  luxury transports ,foods etc .the tourists has been travels on trains like Palace on Wheels, Royal oriented Express, Rajastan royal on wheel, deccan odyssey etc.

Records of IRCTC

IRCTC has been huge commercial portal in India and has made huge amounts of Records. About 572,000 tickets were booked on a single day On September 2nd ,2013 and Also after a year about 580,000 of tickest were booked on March 19th, ,2014.

Awards & Achievements Made by IRCTC

  • Ministry of tourism has given awasrd of National Tourism Award of Excellence  to IRCTC.
  • As they have been” Best E-governance PSU Site” , they were named as Genius of the web Award in 2007.
  • IN 2005, they were awarded as Retail Excellence of ICICI Bank.
  • In 2003 /2004 ,they were awarded from Dataquest as Path Breaker.
  • In 2007 they made Best E-governance Project so they were awarded as CSI-Nihilent E-governance .

IF you want to Book tickets or want to know more information about IRCTC  just click here.



Indian Railway and IRCTC

Indian Railways was established 161 years ago and it has been able to provide excellent services to the citizens of India. It is one of the most important sectors of Government of India. It has revenue of 26 billion U.S dollars according to the statistics of the year 2014-2015. It has net income of 2.5 billion U.S dollars which is equal to 157.8 billion IC (Indian Currency). Its official website can be reached by visiting the link

Indian Railway

After visiting the link you will get to the Indian Railway’s homepage where you can find all the information related to Indian Railways. You can also find the telephone numbers of Customer Service at the right hand side of the page. You can also use the E-Ticketing services from the website and for beginning you need to click on E-Ticketing from the right hand side of the page. After clicking on that you will get to the IRCTC Homepage (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) and from here you can book tickets and do various other things related to railways and other transportation. In additional to that you can book tour packages but for that you need first complete the IRCTC Login process. For that you need to fill the login form which is available at the middle of the home page. You can begin by entering User ID and then enter the password. After entering the username and password you need to enter the Captcha code and click Login to complete the process.

If you want to learn more about the Ministry of Railways then you need to click on Ministry of Railways from the top left hand side of the Indian Railway homepage. The page you will get to has a different headlines and contents which are related to the Ministry of Railways. You can also get information about the latest speech of the minister for railways and to read the whole speech you need to click on that headline and after doing so you will get a PDF file which has the speech. You can also learn more about ZONAL RAILWAYS, PASSENGER SERVICES and MANUFACTURING UNITS from the home page of the Indian Railways and to get to the respective pages you need to click the respective links from the top of the home page.

IRCTC Hotels

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) usually deal in catering, tourism and online ticketing services and it has been doing wonderful from a long period of time. It is one of the subsidiaries of the huge Indian Railway and it is being able to make the life of the customers easier. It provides excellent tourism packages along with all the details of the tour with hotels, duration and many more. To know more about it the customer can visit the official website of IRCTC through this link If you want to learn more about the Hotels offered by IRCTC and want to know the details then you can start by clicking on “Hotels” from menu bar on the IRCTC Homepage.

About IRCTC Hotels

irctc hotels

  • After getting to IRCTC Hotels you can view different options.
  • Now you need to click on Hotels & Lounge to book hotels, enquire about them and learn more about them.
  • After clicking on that you will get to the page which is solely targeted for IRCTC Hotels.
  • If you want to search for perfect hotels for you, your friends and family then you can fill in the details you want in the hotel room and you need to do so in the blank box available at the top of the page.
  • You first need to enter your destination, then the date of checking in and checking out. You need to enter the total number of nights you will stay in the hotel and then the number of adults and children. You also need to enter the total number of rooms that you want.
  • After providing all the details you can click Search and after doing so a list of hotels at the required areas will be provided from where you can choose the best one for them.
  • You can instead click on the places which are available in the page and search for hotels in that way.