IRCTC Flight Booking

IRCTC has been owned by Indian Railways which  has been providing services of catering, tourism and online ticketing for flights, trains etc. IRCTC has been serving all over India while its corporate offices is in New Delhi, NCT, India.

However the sub domain of Indian Railway Catering and Touring Corporation (IRCTC)  has launched and made available  the its own booking tickets of flights. During the peak time, Tatkal-booking time and aka the website i.e dies fully. And also it not possible for the unfortunate mortal in order to book the tickets of Tatkal.

In order for IRCTC Flight Booking, firstly the customers need to register their account on the  official registration of IRCTC website. So that we are providing you the some of the points which may be useful for you to book the ticket for flight.

Steps for IRCTC Flight Booking

IRCTC Flight Booking

  1. First of all user need to create an account which is free of cost in the official website of IRCTC.
  2. Then for booking flight ticket, firsty you need to go to the official site of IRCTC so that copy the link  and then paste on the web browser’s address bar and then hit enter.
  3. Now you choose the flight’s type such as International, Domestic and LTC.
  4. Again if you choose the one way then only departure date will be shown for you and if you select the Round trip then both of the date i.e Return date and departure date.
  5. You also have to include the total numbers of adults, Children as well as infants and also include the classes types.
  6. Now you can press on the search but before that you have to select the All Airlines.
  7. Then You will be shown all the details of All airlines.
  8. So choose any one of the airlines and then press the button named ‘book’.

If you need further information and want to know more about this you can visit the official website service of IRCTC or and also you can contact IRCTC through the Contact details given below:

Number (Toll free ) : 1800 110 139

Email ID : Ticket Cancellation

IRCTC Tickets that has you have booked can be cancelled via internet from the official website of IRCTC. You can cancel the tickets before the 2 days till chart preparation. However the chart preparation has been done on the past night upto 12 noon after the train has been started from stations. You will be charged upto 50% of the fare paid, if you have cancelled the tickets just 6 hours of  before the train start according the schedule departure up to the Chart preparation. Ticket Cancellation

If you have cancelled the confirmed tickets before 48 hrs of the schedule of departure of train, then you will be charged Rs 120 for the first class AC while for AC 2 Tier class, it charges RS 100 and for AC 3 tier car or AC 3 economy it charges only Rs 90. It also charges Rs 60 in Sleeper class and for Second class it charges Rs 30.  The charges will be taken per passenger.  If you want to cancel the conformed ticket inside the 48 hours of time and with in the schedule departure before 6 hours, you may only charges upto 25%  of the fare subject.

If you want to cancel the tickets you not allowed to face the counter of railways on that same time. so we are going to give you the some tip or points which can be helpful for you to cancel you confirmed tickets.

Steps of Ticket Cancellation

  1. Firstly you need to open the official webite of IRCTC i.e .
  2. And then you can click on the link named “booked ticket”
  3. You can see the tickets that you have booked so click on the ticket which you cancel and begin the cancellation process after choosing the passenger whom to be cancelled.
  4. The cancellation process could be done through line and the payments of your tickets  will be return back to your account.

After reservation chart, you can’t cancel your ticket. So the you can fill the TDR via online on such cases so that you can receive your refund back from the IRCTC upon the Ticket Cancellation.

Book Train Tickets

In India Railways line is most used means of transportation. That is why government of India is enhancing different actions to manage a train properly. IRCTC which means Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is executed to manage or to reduce a problems in railways industry. The headquarters of IRCTC is in New Delhi, India. You can book a ticket in advance as well as can also book a ticket immediately when you want. The methods to book train tickets are listed below.

Steps to Book Train Tickets in IRCTC

Book Train Tickets


Nowadays, internet is used all over the world and by the help of internet, its makes easy to people in all field and so IRCTC. You can book a ticket through online by the help of internet. It takes a ticket booking with its official website that is and tickets which are booked through online it is known as e-tickets. IRCTC also provides i-tickets too. I-tickets mean same as regular ticket but they are booked through online and it delivered to passengers through post. In the year 2014, IRCTC has upgraded the old version with next generation e-ticketing websites with better features like quick booking, saving favorite journeys.


Tatkal is a Hindi word which means immediate in English. Passengers who fix their journey at last minute and provide short notice to book their tickets in almost all mail/express trains with the help of Indian railways internet portal. This booking is starts from 10 in the morning daily. Tatkal reservation is criticized by many numbers of media because of its inefficiency and slow server speed. Passengers have to carry their photo id proof along with them so that they can show to ticket checker who had booked their ticket through tatkal booking.

This method of train ticket booking makes a passenger easy to get their tickets. They can book train tickets by sitting in a home without going to railway station; by the help of internet service they can book their tickets. For the comfortable of passengers IRCTC implement this strategy but this is only available in India only.  Passengers who transport from Indian railways lines are happy with this facility.

IRCTC Train Status

IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporations. IRCTC is an Indian Railways Industry which provides service of catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of railways. The headquarters of IRCTC is in New Delhi, NCT, India. This industry only serves in India only. It is founded by Indian Railways.  The websites for IRCTC is, from this website you can check the IRCTC Train Status. You can do online ticketing from the website of IRCTC. This industry provides a catering facility too, for its customer.  You can check your seat number and time of departure of train.

Different Ways to Check IRCTC Train Status

IRCTC Train Status


This is one of the mostly used method of checking status. Because nowadays all people have their own cellphone.  You can send sms to IRCTC to check a status of train. This service is provided to make easy to all passe4ngers of Indian railway.  To check a status through a sms you have to send your sms in 57886.


You can check a pnr status with the help of phone call. You can dial 139 to know the status of rain and this is free number to call, there will no any charge to this call.


You can check status of your train through a online too. You can check status of train through a website of IRCTC, by this website you will enter to page of IRCTC, there you can see PNR status, click into it and enter your 10 digit number of your ticket.


You can also know a train status through a counter of railway station. But for this you have to go in railway station, and have to visit in railway counter. This method is effective because you can get all information about your train such as time of departure and other things which you want to know.

All above methods are very easy method to check a train status. It helps to reduce your all confusion related to a train status and can get relief from all tensions related to status of train.


IRCTC is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways. This is situated in New Delhi, India and it only provides services in India only. The services of IRCTC are online ticketing, tourism and tatkal booking. The parent of IRCTC is Indian railways and the websites of IRCTC is It also provides you with the status about a railways, among them PNR status IRCTC check service is also one of service. PNR stands for Passengers Name Record. You can check PNR status through different methods which are explained further in this article.

Different Ways to Check PNR Status IRCTC



You can check a PNR through sms from your mobile devices. You can send sms on 57886 to check a PNR.  This is to check  a information of railways. Type train in message and send it to 5676747 then you get a sms from train by welcoming you to train zone after that send PNR by writing 10 digits which is in your ticket and send it to 5676747 and it is totally free.


You can check your PNR status through online service too. Go to the website of Indian railway, in the website you can see PNR status, click on it and enter 10 digits number which is in your ticket.


You can check your PNR through a phone call for that dial to 139 and can ask PNR status and it is toll free number, which means there will not any charge of call.


You can check PNR by visiting railway station and can get status from a counter of railway station. By visiting railway counter you can get all information about train, time of departure, and all information which you want to know.

Due to this facility it saves a time and money of passengers, because they don’t have to go to railway station, you can do phone call and sms in the number of railway station. You can check PNR Status IRCTC through online by the help of internet even you stay in wherever you stay.

IRCTC Tatkal Hours

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the type of secondary branches of the Indian Railways which manages the tourism, catering as well as online ticketing. The headquarter office of IRCTC is situated in New Delhi, NCT, India. IRCTC mostly performs the operations of railways and also has capacity to serves all over the India. Online Ticketing, tourism and Tatkal booking were the top services that IRCTC has been provided. IRCTC has successfully won many Awards as well as made huge achievements like Ministry of tourism, Govt. of India has awarded IRCTC as National Tourism Award of Excellence, and Department of IT has awarded IRCTC as National Award for E-Governance in 2007 and 2008. IRCTC has made the records of 572,000 tickets booked per day on 2nd September 2013 and 580,000 tickets booked per day on 19th march 2014.

irctc tatkal hours

Tatkal booking was one of the services provided by IRCTC which has been launched by Nitish Kumar who was the Railway Minister of India. The tatkal booking was the one of the scheme of Indian Railway for journey in a short period of time or notice and is needed to be booked only during the IRCTC Tatkal Hours. On 1st October 2014 the new booking system has been launched named Premium tatkal. Some of trains have been set highly flexible cost for half of their available tickets and such tickets are purchased only through internet or via online by passengers.

Some of features of IRCTC Tatkal Scheme and IRCTC Tatkal Hours

  • Tatkal tickets can be purchased or booked via online or could be booked in the counter of railway.
  • However IRCTC Tatkal Hours will be started to book one day of the journey like if journey of any passenger is on 3rd then he/she can book tickets on 2nd since 10 am onwards. Unlike on the basis of chart preparation day, the journey will be defined.
  • In order book tatkal ticket the passenger must provide their real identity in railway booking counter such as PAN card, password, License of driving etc.
  • Tatkal train has not been defined separately and wait-listed passengers are given the un-utilized tickets of tatkal. There will not be any refund provided if confirmed tatkal has been cancelled while wait-listed tickets are provided refunds if cancelled.
  • The average use of the tatkal lodging during April- September has been 80% and more in those trains as well as classes.